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Curious as to which character YOU would be be from The Mage Chronicles Universe? A quietly heroic Ladan, a dashing Dashan, or a quietly powerful Dawn. Maybe you have more violent tendencies...
Take the quiz and find out...



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If you’re a traditionalist (like me!) and prefer to have print copies of your favourite books, I’d be more than happy to sign a personalised bookplate for you – no charge at all!
Here’s how easy it is:
  1. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to PO Box 647, Gungahlin, ACT, 2912, Australia
  2. Tell me who you want the bookplate made out to
  3. I'll sign you a personalised copy and send it straight back in the post!
The Mage Chronicles series would make a great gift for your YA-loving family and friends, so make sure to let me know if you need your signed bookplate by a certain date – I'll do my best to meet that for you!
If you have any questions at all, email us at or call on +61490659962
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- A World at War: set well before DarkSkull Hall, when the mages went to war against Shakar, this story introduces one of DarkSkull’s key characters
 - The Hunt: set only days before the prequel in DarkSkull Hall, giving you a tiny insight into the terribly difficult decision Alyx's parents had to make.
- Winter's Eve- A prequel story set five years before Chapter 1 of DarkSkull Hall
- A Troubled Youth: set roughly a year before Chapter 1 of DarkSkull Hall. Look for the main character of this story to show up in Book 2, Taliath.
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