The amazing bookstores blog

We at Tate House love the independent bookstores who support not only Lisa's books but those of all the amazing indie authors out there. So we decided to start doing some blog posts on the great bookshops we come across in our wanderings. Our intrepid publicist has been in to chat with staff or managers in these stores to help us share with you what makes them so special...

The one with that extra little bit of magic (Harry Hartog, Canberra)

The one that builds and supports a local community (Paperchain, Canberra)

The one that is passionate about books (The Lane Bookstore, Perth)

The one with the cool book exchange (Book Face, Canberra)

The one where you can escape the fluorescent mall lights (Robinson's Booskhop, Canberra)

The one that's all about the kids (and young adults!) (Paper Bird, Freemantle)