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This series pulls you in with intrigue, sibling bonds, romance, magic, and a rich world that will satisfy fantasy readers. Alyx is a strong female heroine, who comes into her own power, strength, and courage, bringing readers along with her as she confronts evil. With magic, friendships, sexual tension, dueling mages, and more action than a few sentences could possibly describe, this is a special series and is sure to find many fans!

–Erica Orloff, Author, In Dreams

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Do you have magic? Some do, some don’t

Welcome to the world of the Mage Chronicles….

Decades ago, the mages went to war with each other in a destructive, decades-long battle that killed thousands and destroyed entire cities. Now, an uneasy peace lingers. Born into the small, peaceful country of Rionn, a place almost untouched by the past war, Alyx Egalion knows little of mages or battles. Yet soon after her sixteenth birthday, the pampered daughter of nobility has her entire world shattered when she learns that she is the daughter of a mage and must travel to the distant country of Tregaya to learn her magic at DarkSkull Hall.

Stripped of everything familiar to her, and surrounded by strangers she cannot trust, Alyx finds herself in a world where courage, magic and wits are the only things that will keep her alive.

Outside DarkSkull Hall, the fragile peace is beginning to show cracks, and Alyx will soon learn that her wealth and status will not protect her from what is coming…

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