Lisa Cassidy
Living in Australia's capital, I’m a self-published author who mostly sticks to novel-length fantasy but occasionally likes to break out with short stories on random things like unicorns and ninjas. When I’m not writing, you might catch me enthusiastically spectating a basketball game (#NewYorkKnick for life!), reading a tonne of books, or…who am I kidding? I spend a lot of time writing!
All four books in my debut YA fantasy series – The Mage Chronicles – are now available for purchase!
Whenever you buy a copy of one of my books, you”ll be helping to support One Girl. One Girl is committed to educating 1 million girls across Africa, and I’m SUPER excited to contribute to this vision. Together we’re changing the world, one girl at a time.
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Early in my self-publishing journey, I established Tate House as my publishing imprint. I'm fortunate enough to have teensy team of willing volunteers helping me out, and we're all about having fun, working hard and bringing magical stories to the world. I published DarkSkull Hall - the first book in my debut series The Mage Chronicles - in December 2016, and from there we plan to take the world by storm... in baby steps.

I didn't want Tate House to just be about publishing my stories. One day I hope to use Tate House to support and help other indie authors grow and get their amazing stories out in the world too. As for now, we at Tate House have teamed up with the amazing charity One Girl. We couldn't be more proud to support One Girl - a charity empowering girls through education. Right now over 60 million girls around the world aren't in school, simply because they were born a girl. But we're working to change that.

Whenever you buy a copy of my books, a percentage of the royalties will go to helping support One Girl. The more I can sell, the more girls I can help educate, and that's one of the best parts of my writing journey so far!!!

This series pulls you in with intrigue, sibling bonds, romance, magic, and a rich world that will satisfy fantasy readers. Alyx is a strong female heroine, who comes into her own power, strength, and courage, bringing readers along with her as she confronts evil. With magic, friendships, sexual tension, dueling mages, and more action than a few sentences could possibly describe, this is a special series and is sure to find many fans!
–Erica Orloff, Author, In Dreams
Dive into the thrilling fantasy world of The Mage Chronicles….

…..across the world, powerful mages are disappearing without a trace and nobody has been able to learn what happened to them. The Taliath, once the guardians of the mage order, have vanished. And along the border of Rionn, an age-old conflict with neighbour Shivasa is coming to life once again…

Could one girl be enough to save them all?

Read an excerpt from DarkSkull Hall

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This is the place where you’ll find my short stories, along with blog posts where I talk about things like my favourite coffee joints in Canberra
Book Face Gungahlin invited me to join them as part of festivities for the Gungahlin Community Festival in October. I had an absolute blast participating in an author panel with amazing writers Jack Heath, Sam Hawke and Shelly Unwin. Together we improv'd a magical tale about a Princess named Holly, her dog Biscuit and some scary ice-cream eating snakes.

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