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Tate House is a publishing imprint established by fantasy writer Lisa Cassidy. We’re a small team, but we’re all about having fun, working hard and bringing magical stories to the world. Lisa published DarkSkull Hall – the first book in her debut series The Mage Chronicles – in December 2016, and from there we plan to take the world by storm… in baby steps.

Lisa didn’t want Tate House to just be about publishing her stories. One day we hope to use Tate House to support and help other indie authors grow and get their amazing stories out in the world too. As for now, we at Tate House have teamed up with the amazing charity One Girl. We couldn’t be more proud to support One Girl – a charity empowering girls through education. Right now over 60 million girls around the world aren’t in school, simply because they were born a girl. But we’re working to change that.

One Girl believes that EVERY girl has the right to an education, no matter where she’s born, how much her parents earn, what her culture says, or what religion she adheres to. Every girl has the right to grow, learn, and be the best she can be. One Girl is committed to educating one million girls across Africa, and Tate House is excited to contribute to this vision. Together we’re changing the world, one girl at a time. Whenever you buy a copy of Lisa’s books, a percentage of the royalties will go to helping support One Girl.

Some pics from our recent launch of A Tale of Stars and Shadow…

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How far will one father go for his daughters?
Watch Musisi’s story to see the incredible lengths he would go, to ensure his girls could have something he never had. He never stopped fighting to give his girls an education.
And neither will we.