A Tale of Stars and Shadow

A brand new epic fantasy saga, due for release in mid-2019...
The series is in full swing, with Book 1 having already undergone two rounds of editing. I am releasing tidbits and teensy spoilers on what the new series is about to my loyal newsletter subscribers.  Sign up below if you'd like to be included, otherwise keep an eye on this page for more news as it's released...
Here's what I can tell you so far:
1. First - the pictures above. These are images I've come across that nicely represent some of the characters in the book. The woman on the far left is a decent likeness of one of the two main characters in this story - Talyn Dynan, a kick-ass warrior with a past she's trying (and failing) to get over. The next picture along depicts one of the main supporting characters in this series - Theac Parksin. He's a washed up ex-soldier with a drinking problem... and a heart of gold.
2. Yes, I said two main characters! This series is written from the point of view of two people. The second is a mysterious criminal named the Shadowhawk. He's mysterious, so you're not getting any more info on him :-)
3. To answer my reader's question from my Facebook page - no, this series is not set in the world of The Mage Chronicles. It's an entirely different story and world, AND it's not young adult. This one is epic fantasy.
4. The series will be a minimum of four books at this stage. Possibly five. Maybe twenty. We'll see :-)
5. What about timelines, you say? When will we get to read it, you ask? Release date is July 2019!
6. Yes, there will be cool characters. Yes, there will be battles and politics and intrigue. Yes, there will be magic. Yes, there will be a tropical location where the humiditiy is like soup. No, there will not be zombies or dragons. Yes, there will be romance...later. No, there will be no boring parts... I hope.