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This entire series is really good. The characters and world building are deep and their adventure has all the right ups and downs. I laughed and cried. I was so satisfied with the entire thing. Thank you so much!! I would have written an individual review for this book but I literally could not stop between to write a review. I had to keep going. And now I just have the feels. I recommend this for people who like a good story with characters who grow and face tough choices. If you like twists and turns and staying on the edge of your seat, this series could be for you. I truly loved it!

Falynn January 6, 2022

Well written, strong and believable heroine, great character development, and good pacing. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the second.

em December 31, 2021

An epic journey with twists, turns, battles and will power. The characters couldn’t be more perfectly depicted, the action is intense and the hope for a better world leaps off the pages. Please please please let there be another series of books

Casey December 19, 2021

From the cover I expected to be in a more traditional epic fantasy novel. Mage academy is what this book really is. Though things got a little slow in places, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’m new to mage academy books but this was a great start to the genre and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series

Vanessa Thurgood December 6, 2021

Enjoyed the team building and wolf pack. Main character strengths and internal struggles. The end was so unpredictable with a unexpected twist! On to book two..can’t wait

Michelle December 3, 2021

Once the plot was established, it was hard to put the book down. Talyn and her Wolves fighting the good fight.

Julie de Gruy November 22, 2021

If you are after a masterful tale with lots of twists and turns and something for everyone, look no further, you have found it. Take a journey with loveable and complex characters as they heal from past wounds to make a better future.

Jacoster November 20, 2021

Loved the characters and how they all merged. Theres were quite a few exciting twists and turns in the plot that made it hard for me to put the book down. You've created a world I'd like to visit. Thanks for a great series.

Sandy Curtis November 1, 2021

Are you the kind of reader who wants to read a book that does more than tell a story? A book that makes you want to know the characters? One that keeps you guessing but also gets you thinking like the characters? Are you a reader who wants to be lost in the world you are reading about? If so, this series is for you. From characters with carefully designs backgrounds to a world so well constructed you BELIEVE it exist, A Tale of Stars and Shadow draws you in an doesn't let you go! (I would also recommend Lisa Cassidy's other series, The Mage Chronicles.)

Ashlie Steinbach October 16, 2021

A brilliant fantasy series that kept me entertained and eager for more Would definitely recommend to all Keep writing Lisa

Georgiacider October 15, 2021

Five stars for great plot, astonishing female lead. And great attention to grammar etc. made this a really great read. I am a 71 year old child. Who in the great ethereal hinterland that is the '. net' decides the age constraints should be soundly spoken to. Thank. You


Her writing is the best of what one could expect of this genre. It’s not Dickens, but sometimes Fantasy is about a really fun story and benefits from concise writing. The characters are engaging and interesting and the plot is well thought out and full of delightful twists and turns. I am now on the fourth book of the series and none of them felt like a boring in between book. The characters can be a bit predictable but I never lost interest. Those that read this genre are at heart escapists and will love being entrenched in a fast-moving an interesting plot that veers between mage school, court intrigue and secret agendas. Such an easy and fun read.

Mindy Vamazon October 11, 2021

A fun story about the granddaughter of a Dark Lord who grew up on the streets after her mother's death as well as a horrid orphanage experience. I really liked this book and its story of Lira's adventures. She's a character who is a lot more cynical than your typical Young Adult mage school heroine and I feel that elevated the material. I am looking forward to reading the next book.

C.T. October 1, 2021

This series is surprisingly refreshing and different with well developed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

H L B September 9, 2021

Unlike most heroines, Alyx is a noblewoman whose reluctance to leave the comforts of home sets the stage for this excellent coming-of-age story. Well-written. I am excited to begin Book 2.

Horse Woman August 28, 2021

The story was a bit slow to start but exciting and absorbing once you get into it. There is a lot of mystery and suspense which will no doubt start to be revealed in the next book. Can’t wait.

anniebee46 August 7, 2021

It is a joy to read a book that makes full use of the English language to evoke emotion and stir a passion for life. With rich language skills, a fantastic character driven story I could not put this down. Maybe one in twenty books is worth the time and emotion spent through the story line to read and to want to keep a permanent copy and even read again. Lisa Cassidy is an author to follow and keep! Off to her next book in the series.

Laurie Bell August 2, 2021

Devoured the full series in one sitting. Fantasy, magic and romance driven by a great plot line filled with complex connections and familial entwining. Love it when I do not have to wait years to follow characters who’s lives reach out compelling me to finish their tale.

Maja Tracey-Stone July 30, 2021

Politics, magic, wings, subterfuge, Robin Hood-tropes, various characters’ POV, this book has all of these and more. Complex characters who grow and develop as the story continues (with some pausing for self-reflection too!) The world building was strong and the descriptions vivid. The caste system was also well done and something I hope is explored more in the next books in the series. This book sets the stage for several more books in the series and I’m looking forward to reading them all.

G G July 8, 2021

I love Lisa's books, have read them all and can't wait for the next one.

Lyn July 3, 2021

It took me a little to get into this story, partly because the world the author is so complex. But once I got interested in the protagonist and her fate, I never looked back. So many of the characters were memorable. This one kept me up late at night. Then I got to the stunning twist at the end and promptly bought the next one.

Evelyn Puerto May 27, 2021

There is nothing better than wondering what happens to the characters of a story at the end of a wonderful series like Heartfire than to realize a new book has been released that follows up on said character's heirs. Waiting in anticipation for the next book!

Serendestipity May 26, 2021

Very enjoyable book even though there were parts that seemed to drag a bit and I guessed the plot twist early on. I can't wait to dive into the next one to see what happens next with the Captain!


I just finished this about an hour ago, and I wish the next book was out already! I have yet to be disappointed with any of Lisa Cassidy's work. She's seriously become one of my favorite writers and deserves much more recognition! This is one of her most complex main characters yet, I think. The ostracism and hatred Lira receives has impacted her heavily and she's very hardened because of it. I found her extremely relatable and understand why she was battling her internal feelings throughout the book. The dual timelines reminded me a lot of Name of the Wind, where you see Kvothe struggling to get by on the streets, which was one of my favorite parts of that book. Just seeing a character push themselves beyond their means to fight for their survival is really appealing to me. One thing I wondered about was everyone calls Lira 'Spider', as a cruel nickname. She seems hurt by it at times, and other times doesn't care. Some characters call her Lira, then revert to Spider. I just wonder why she doesn't tell them not to call her that, or why character who seem friendly with her at first, revert to Spider later. But if I've learned anything in Cassidy's books, if I have a question about something, it's usually addressed within the next few books. Also the tension with Lira and a certain other character is really good! I love how twisted and complicated I ALSO am feeling about their connection and I can't wait to see the motivation for that other character. This is a sequel series that definitely benefits from knowing the history and worldbuilding of the first series, but I think it could also stand alone to get you intrigued to go back to the first books if you read in the wrong order.

Kindle Customer May 19, 2021

I downloaded a spin off book and decided to start with this series. I like the way the author pulls you into the story. Good word building . Great characters. Definitely worth reading

Kindle Customer May 17, 2021

I read a lot and this series has brought me into the world being created. While reading I found I fought myself to put it down. I found hints of what was to come but could not link them all together. That is rare for me. I have enjoyed each book in this series and am looking forward to the next book

Christine May 5, 2021

Everything she writes is gold. If you haven’t read the other books in this series, go do that now. You won’t be disappointed. Go... go go go. And then go read her other books as well. I have been so excited waiting for this book and I couldn’t put it down. Now to wait for the next.

C. Marasky May 4, 2021

Heir to the Darkmage by Lisa Cassidy is an awesome book! It is a follow up to another series, but it is perfectly great if you read this first. All the info needed to understand is here! I absolutely love the world building in this novel. It was so easy for me to imagine I was in this story. I love the dual timelines. We get one that involves Lira’s backstory, that is gut-wrenching. We also get a timeline with current events as she lives as an apprentice at the Mage Academy. The pacing is excellent. I was obsessed from page one. I read this in one sitting because as soon as I opened this book, there was no setting it down. Highly recommended!! *I received a free copy of this book from Rachel’s Random Resources to review honestly on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*

Jessica Belmont April 22, 2021

This book has so much adventure in it and just when you think you know what’s going to happen next you get surprised. Could not put this book down!

Forever Student April 22, 2021

The ending.... was so unexpected i almost had a hear attack !! But it was such a good ending that makes me want to continue binge reading this series... ugh i am such a bookaholic and this series is totally hitting the spot!!! I love how Talyn’s character progressess and blooms into a confident warrior leading soldiers into battle!! badass? for sure Warrior? For sure A little anticipation of romance? Aaaa yesss ( the tension i felt was THERE and i hope 🤞 i wasn’t imaging it and will see it later in the series) Action? Duh Originality? No question. Read it. Like for real. Don’t bother reading comments just go click buy.... you wont regret. (Although it does kinda start off slow and confusing, everything starts to make sense and add up as you keep going)

M April 20, 2021

I love a book where you know and care about more than just the main character. I loved each of the characters and the fact that I couldn't figure out the intrigue. Immediately going for Book Two. Paced just right. After years and years of reading you feel like everything has been done before. This was a great new world!

Kindle Customer April 15, 2021

Glad I stumbled upon this book. It’s a good read, a little slow and by that I mean I didn’t really see what the problem was but it’s building and coming together.

Kdchell April 12, 2021

It's been a while since I found books that took me by the neck and wouldn't let go. Complex characters, strong people all around. I'd love to have a drink with this lot if they were real people. It's the series I needed to read during these tough times. Thought provoking and brought me hope. I enjoyed these books so much I didn't mind the occasional miraculous rescue. 😉 Looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

whitepaint April 7, 2021

A slow start IMHO, but it picked up. I couldn’t put the book down as the characters and world became more real. Looking forward to the sequel.

Ed A April 6, 2021

Great read! All four books build upon each other so well. I was sad when the adventure ended Kathy

Kathy April 3, 2021

This series kind of reminds me of how Potter book started with group of outsiders that become friends but imo better! Love the little love heartaches it's very "life meaningful " and relatable and the epic adventures the series has.

Rae April 2, 2021

I am delighted to have discovered Lisa Cassidy's A Tale of Stars and Shadows Series. Rich, complex and flawed characters, a sweeping multi continent saga and story telling so sharp and unexpected, she had me from book one and I couldn't stop reading until the last page of book four. I don't think I've ever sobbed while reading fantasy fiction before. But I cheered out loud and wept with this series. Lisa is a brilliant story teller. Highly recommend.

bookfan2004 March 31, 2021

I cannot begin to explain what a must read this series is. Cassidy is an absolutely amazing author. This story pulled me in so many directions. I laughed hard and cried harder. As sad as I was that it was over, I was even more content with the ending. There was love, war, mystery, betrayal. It had everything... I’m so glad I found this series and this author. I will be re-reading this many times to come.

Amazon Customer March 22, 2021

I was just browsing through fantasy books and I borrowed this on my kindle unlimited on a whim. And then proceeded to read it days later and let me tell you, once I started; I could not stop reading. This was such a well written book and it just grabs you from the start. Alyx is the spoiled daughter of a nobleman who lives a life of luxury but that’s all about to change as she may have mage powers and the King wants to send her to a kind of boarding school for mages. It’s a coming of age book where she comes into her powers and is just done so well compared to other similar books. The pacing is superb and it’s the first book in a series. Basically if you are into fantasy and magic and mayhem, you will most definitely love this book.

N March 17, 2021

A lot of the fantasy available now is dreadful, so I am always delighted when a genuinely excellent book is available. This works well as a stand alone novel, but is also the first of a four part series, with each book being as good as the others. The world-building is skilfully done and the characterisation is excellent. You really care about the characters and the author handles complex emotional and moral issues really well. The world comes to life because the peoples and the characters that represent them are so convincing and attractive. Equally the baddies are believably unpleasant representatives of unjust societies. I haven't read the authors other series, but this one is certainly first class. I invariably bought each sequel while only half way through the previous one.

Michael J Sheehan March 11, 2021

I loved this book! Such unforgettable characters building life time friendships for a better future. The ending left me stunned!

Rachel March 6, 2021

The summary here is quite honestly very lackluster and I read it several times and passed while browsing on KU. Finally desperate for something new to read, I read it. Hoooly heck, what a ride. You know a book has me in its clutches when I finish it and continue to dwell on it. This is one of those books. Great start to a series. Extremely slow burn, which I love, so if you're looking for strong romantic attraction in the first book, move along.

Mo McIlree March 5, 2021

I loved the main characters in this book,but especially the strong female lead that was not just a two-dimensional portrayal of a strong female hero. Loved the world building,political elements, and the more realistic behaviors people would have in certain situations. Finally, a fantasy book I couldn't put down or want to skim.

Kindle Customer February 17, 2021

Lisa Cassidy knows how to fill out her characters gradually so that the reader keeps learning what makes everyone tick as the story evolves. Action, loyalty and intrigue are a constant in5is coming of age story that has nothing to do with age...maybe coming of self is a better term. I love what the author is accomplishing.

P Johnson February 3, 2021

I enjoyed the whole series very much, a great well - written story! If you are looking for a classic epic fantasy reading, A Tale of Stars and Shadow will never disappoint you. I think that this series should receive more attention from high fantasy lovers

Valeriya Lloyd January 31, 2021

This series is absolutely binge worthy! I read the first book and couldn’t stop! I think I read all four books in a week. The story line pulls you in from the first moment. Cuinn frustrated me a little towards the end of the series because I thought he was toughening up, becoming more realistic and practical rather than the weak idealist he had been and was disappointed when he went back to that, but the way the story ended needed that to end the way it did. (That may sound vague but I don’t want to spoil anything!) Either way the journey was highly entertaining and I would definitely recommend this book.

Megalynn January 28, 2021

I've never read so many books in one month! It's all because of @Icasswrites and her series: a Tale of Stars and Shadow!! Her first book began slow but all to the benefit of the world building and character development. There amazing and after that book I couldn't stop thinking about Talyn and her wolf's. Book 2 will make it clear that there is so more to the story and book 3 and 4 are just killing! There fast paced, packed with action and you just can't stop reading!! This series is for you if you love enemies to lovers, epic battles, fierce woman en men, spies, political intrigues, mistery, magic and fantasy! If you loved the cruel prince series, game of thrones, from blood and ash, the bridge kingdom and a curse so dark and lonely then go and read this series!

Laura January 25, 2021

I really enjoy your writing. You are smart and you build your characters slowly. Although, this book was slow moving into the real exciting action(left for the other 3 in the series) I would take this kind over the rushed, predictable books. Very good read. Please keep writing. Excellent series

Brandyn January 21, 2021

I am immediately. Immediately. Reading the next book in this series. Strong kick-ass heroine? Check. Unique world building? Check. Now if I don’t get a little romance soon I may have some complaints, but I’m all for a slow build that actually makes sense to the characters.

avid reader January 18, 2021

The whole book series was a great journey from beginning to end!

Carl January 14, 2021

Young adult epic fantasy

The Mage Chonicles

A splintering peace. Disappearing mages. A young noblewoman who could save them all.

If you love lots of magic, unlikely friends, sinister villains and epic battles, you’ll love this epic young adult fantasy series.

Lisa Cassidy Darkskull Hall

Young adult epic fantasy

Heir to the Darkmage

Ambition drives her. Danger thrills her. But magic always has a price.

If you love grey heroines, shadowy monsters, and creeping about in the dark, you’ll love this series.

epic fantasy

A Tale of Stars and Shadow

A broken warrior searching for redemption.
A criminal who haunts the darkest shadows.
A rising darkness that threatens to consume them both…

If you love epic fantasy with a strong female lead, cool magic, political intrigue, and a motley crew of characters, you’ll love this series.

Coming Soon!

Coming Late 2022

Book 4 – Heir to the Darkmage


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