The Mage Chronicles

The Mage Chronicles

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Taliath by Lisa Cassidy
Darkmage by Lisa Cassidy
Heartfire by Lisa Cassidy
January 3, 2023

stayed up late reading because I had to know what happened

stayed up late reading because I had to know what happened. Haven’t enjoyed a new author this much since reading David Eddings

September 4, 2022

Amazing Epic Adventure

Lisa Cassidy has amazing Epic Books with all of the feels. Adventure, Romance, Death, Military War Manuevers, Magic, Winged People. Man. She is one great writer!

August 27, 2022

loved the book

I bought all the dark skull books and loved the many powers that the heroine developed. I couldn’t put the book down till I read them all.

Mr Kevin Palmer
August 3, 2022

Great read - part of a trilogy

I enjoyed reading this and bought the rest of the books. Not quite so formulaic as some fantasy novels and there are some good twists along the way.

June 29, 2022

Really enjoyable

This is a wonderful light fantasy that will keep you very engaged! Great characters that really draw you in. I enjoyed it very much and will certainly read the next book 😉

June 2, 2022

“Breaking the mold”

Okay, Lisa. You have gone and done it! I never, ever have left a review on the first book in a saga! I just don’t; until now. You style is very reader-friendly and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed this “first book”! There are too many highlights to mention here. Just suffice to say; “I’m hooked” and will be reading all your books! Please always have leading summaries in your subsequent books in your sagas! It really helps for us elderly folk! The clean reading is also superb! You are a star! Thanks!

Great book

This is the first book I've read by this author and I loved it, Can't wait to read book two in the series. Loved the world building and the characters.

May 10, 2022

Captivating,thrilling epic magic ride

Total immersion into these thrilling adventures, characters you can believe in and root for, every book leaves you thristy for more and never fails to deliver

Brianne Kjar
March 18, 2022

Amazing series!

I really enjoyed this series. It was clean and took me throug.h all the emotions with the characters I would recommend any day .

March 3, 2022

Couldn't put it Down

At first I thought it was another coming of age magic book, but I quickly got hooked and ended up reading the whole series one after another. If you like strong characters, crazy magic and evil baddies, you'll like this.

Johnny B
January 28, 2022


The book cover drew me in but I stayed for the action and excitement! Loved the different take on magic and the mystery surrounding Alyx. The groups resolve and companionship are endearing. Huge fan

January 7, 2022


This entire series is really good. The characters and world building are deep and their adventure has all the right ups and downs. I laughed and cried. I was so satisfied with the entire thing. Thank you so much!! I would have written an individual review for this book but I literally could not stop between to write a review. I had to keep going. And now I just have the feels. I recommend this for people who like a good story with characters who grow and face tough choices. If you like twists and turns and staying on the edge of your seat, this series could be for you. I truly loved it!

Vanessa Thurgood
December 6, 2021

A binge read

From the cover I expected to be in a more traditional epic fantasy novel. Mage academy is what this book really is. Though things got a little slow in places, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’m new to mage academy books but this was a great start to the genre and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series

Mindy Vamazon
October 12, 2021


Her writing is the best of what one could expect of this genre. It’s not Dickens, but sometimes Fantasy is about a really fun story and benefits from concise writing. The characters are engaging and interesting and the plot is well thought out and full of delightful twists and turns. I am now on the fourth book of the series and none of them felt like a boring in between book. The characters can be a bit predictable but I never lost interest. Those that read this genre are at heart escapists and will love being entrenched in a fast-moving an interesting plot that veers between mage school, court intrigue and secret agendas. Such an easy and fun read.

September 12, 2021

great storylines

Great storylines and writing. Intriguing and great twists. Keeps one reading to see how all storylines play out. Enjoy the growth happening.

Kindle Customer
August 29, 2021

Skillfully woven tale

Unlike most heroines, Alyx is a noblewoman whose reluctance to leave the comforts of home sets the stage for this excellent coming-of-age story. Well-written. I am excited to begin Book 2.

Horse Woman
August 28, 2021

Unlike most heroines, Alyx is a noblewoman whose reluctance to leave the comforts of home sets the stage for this excellent coming-of-age story. Well-written. I am excited to begin Book 2.

August 8, 2021

Great book

The story was a bit slow to start but exciting and absorbing once you get into it. There is a lot of mystery and suspense which will no doubt start to be revealed in the next book. Can’t wait.

4.5 Stars

I normally shy away from books about young adult schools ... Especially mage schools but I thought I would give this one a try and found myself totally invested in the story. Even though I really disliked Alyx at first...well she was grating through almost the whole story...she really did reform herself at the end. And Dash? Geez...I hope something comes out of her friendship with him.

Kindle Customer
May 17, 2021

I downloaded a spin off book and decided to start with this series. I like the way the author pulls you into the story. Good word building . Great characters. Definitely worth reading

April 3, 2021

Great adventure

Great read! All four books build upon each other so well. I was sad when the adventure ended Kathy

April 3, 2021


Thoroughly enjoyed the mage series couldn’t wait to read all books. Look forward to reading more books by same author

April 2, 2021

Great read

This series kind of reminds me of how Potter book started with group of outsiders that become friends but imo better! Love the little love heartaches it's very "life meaningful " and relatable and the epic adventures the series has.

March 18, 2021

Omg, this book was unbelievably good!

I was just browsing through fantasy books and I borrowed this on my kindle unlimited on a whim. And then proceeded to read it days later and let me tell you, once I started; I could not stop reading. This was such a well written book and it just grabs you from the start. Alyx is the spoiled daughter of a nobleman who lives a life of luxury but that’s all about to change as she may have mage powers and the King wants to send her to a kind of boarding school for mages. It’s a coming of age book where she comes into her powers and is just done so well compared to other similar books. The pacing is superb and it’s the first book in a series. Basically if you are into fantasy and magic and mayhem, you will most definitely love this book.

Stan hopkins
October 8, 2020

Liked this story

This story started slow almost gave up on it to start readong another book. But I felt that Ms Cassidy had to lay the ground work for the story before it picked up. I really enjoyed the ending in this story and look forward to reading the second book.

Andrew Barton
September 20, 2020

Mage school book like many others but better done than most.

Girl goes to magic school. She has a mysterious past and people are keeping secrets from her. She seems not to have any actual magical power (yet?). She's in love with a handsome guy and has an extremely irritating and disreputable friend. That could be any of a hundred magical school books but this one is better written than most and has a few unique twists. There are some interesting issues raised about classism and prejudice and they are not neatly resolved, they're left to trouble the heroine. I came to this author via her second series which is also secondary world fantasy with an original plot and some interesting world building.

W Adams
March 31, 2020

Action and character growth

This story focuses on the development of the MC in the hostile environments of school and her home country with a bit of romance. Good supporting characters and enough action to keep my interest. Looking forward to the next book.

April 13, 2019

5 stars

Interesting start to the series. I haven't read anything from this author before and I am glad I borrowed this book thru Kindle Unlimited. Off to download next book in the series.

April 5, 2019

Great Story!

Great read. Loved the characters.

March 8, 2019

Read it in one day

I wasn’t 100% sure when I started, but I stuck with it and wow! I’m hooked now, this a great start to a exciting series

January 24, 2019

Warning! Binge reading likely to occur.

Good news! The series is completed. Bad news! It's more than a little bit hard to stop reading once you get started. And now there are four full length books. One of the perks of being retired: I could, and did, indulge in a full out read-athon. I found this author's work impressive on so many levels. Not only does Cassidy tell a story incredibly well, but she does it with exceptional craft skill. For example, the MC (Alyx) is a young adult "lady" of noble position, pampered, and privileged. Definitely a ranking member of the in crowd. Just when you're not sure it's possible to put up with her for an entire series, Cassidy up ends everything and Alyx is on her way to becoming a decent human being; even if it's not a flawless transition. The author creates some amazing characters and relationship dynamics that are complex and oh so realistic. Lots more good stuff, but this review would be humongous if I really got into it all. Yep, I heartily recommend this series. It appears that most of the current reviews are from Australia and the UK. They're at Goodreads, but don't seem to have posted to Amazon U.S. So check them out if you want more info.

July 26, 2017

I fell in love with this book and this universe

I want to thank Lisa Cassidy for sending me a paper version of her great novel in exchange for an honest review! It took me a while to read it and to write since I was sick and decided to read it in full again after recovering! A brilliant novel, there is no other way to say it. Dark Skull Hall has a bit of everything: emotion, adventure, thrilling moments and heart-stopping confrontations. Decades before a massive war broke out between mages leaving a trail of bodies and destruction in its awake. The book tells us the story of Alyx Egalion, the daughter of a noble that knows nothing of war or mages that has her world turned upside-down. When Alyx learns that she is in fact a mage, she must leave everything behind in order to travel to the distant land of Tregaya where she is to learn her magic at Dark Skull Hall. Alyx soon learns that surviving the trip is a mere child play compared to the life that awaits her inside those medieval hallways. Nothing and no one is what they seem, secrets are waiting to be revealed and keeping the peace is not as easy as one would think. I really enjoyed this universe. I would definitely love to jump into the world of Alyx and Dark Skull Hall (despite the life risks). The setting is great, very creative and fresh. I’m a huge fan of the medieval period and to have a fantasy novel with a touch of that is amazing. The style of writing was what made the story so easy to follow for me. I tend to get lost in the characters and mix them all up but here everything was connected so nicely that it is impossible not to relate to one of the students of Dark Hall. Alyx is a great main character; I could see her evolution from the spoiled girl to someone that stands up to what she believes and her friends. I admire her ability to talk to people and integrate herself in a new world but also not being afraid to speaking her mind and keeping a cold-head in dangerous moments. I really liked the twins Dawn and Finn and Tarrick. As characters they bring light and optimism to the life and the adventures of Alyx but also the protection and the memories from home. Definitely looking forward to the next volume and read more about this amazing universe!

Amazon Customer
February 6, 2017

Gripping! Not usually my preferred genre but I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next book!

Amazon Customer
December 27, 2016

Total 'what happens next' escapism was just the ticket for tuning out at the end of a long busy day. Love this. I'm not a 'fantasy' fan, or so I thought. This story has made me take a good look at what books I really 'like'. Liked the fact that the lead character is a girl- will be a good one for my nieces/the young adult set also. The world created by the author is just the right balance of believable reality v fiction, suckered me right in. Will look forward to the next instalment - anyone know when it is out?

Amazon Customer
December 26, 2016

A fantastic book - I can't wait for the next in the series. Superb fantasy reminiscent of Ender's Game or the Mortal Instruments series.

Amazon Customer
December 6, 2016

I loved this book! It has interesting characters and an intriguing story line. It drew me right into the adventure - I just wanted to keep reading! Can't wait for book 2

Tarun R. Elankath
December 6, 2016

What a find!

In the wild desolation of the kindle self-publishing world, one can occasionally strike a gold vein and wow this book is indeed a rich find! Well edited, no typos, fine grammar and top-notch storytelling. Yay! The story describes a spoiled-brat, the only daughter of a high noble of a kingdom under threat from its larger neighbours, who is forced by circumstances to attend the multi-national common school for all mages. Her nation has no mages compared to the vast numbers of their neighbours. She must travel to this distant school over contended lands. She is admitted to the school with no magical knowledge and no understanding of its politics. She is expected to survive her first year and break out her talent - a radical change to her current life of comfort. I will say no more to avoid spoilers. This first book is a nice long fantasy, the world richly detailed and the characters filled with depth. It is YA fantasy but thankfully, (praise the stars) the story is the primary focus. In the negative, the book is also a bit too clever at times at attempting to cover a plot device and you might scratch your head at the behaviour of some characters if you read too quickly. In addition, the prologue is confusing and awful and should be simply got rid off by the author as it is likely to put off readers who judge a kindle book by the sample. The prologue is *not* by any means a reflection of the rest of the book and can be safely omitted without any loss.

If you could be part of the magic…


Would you?




In a world of kings, mages and warriors, could one girl be the most powerful of all?

Dive into the breathtaking young adult fantasy world of The Mage Chronicles

The popular daughter of a powerful nobleman, Alyx Egalion dreams of marrying her best friend Cayr, the crown prince of Rionn, and ruling at his side. But her planned future is shattered when she’s unexpectedly sent away to the distant DarkSkull Hall to become a mage.

Secretive, isolated, and wreathed in magic, DarkSkull is a cold place where only magical power and lineage matter. Lonely, miserable, and desperate to go home, Alyx clings to a single hope… surviving her training so she can return to the life she dreams of.

But as Alyx is drawn further into the world of mages, she discovers terrible secrets that hide her true past and challenge everything she’s ever believed in. The world is not as safe as she thought it was. Outside DarkSkull, shadows are stirring. The strongest mages are disappearing without a trace. A long-held truce between powerful kingdoms wavers on a knife’s edge. Alyx’s long-buried magic might be enough to save them all… if she can learn to master it.

With this realisation comes a heartbreaking choice… between the life she’s always wanted, and taking her place as a warrior mage to help fight the growing darkness.

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