Okay, I enjoyed this even better than City of Brass. It ramped up the action and stakes as the book went on, keeping me hurriedly turning pages to see what would happen. And I continue to LOVE the lush world depicted by Chakraborty.

Dara – he annoyed me for much of the book. He’s given increasingly strong signs to show that what he’s helping Manizheh to do isn’t the right thing, yet each time he acknowledges those things and then dismisses them. I understand his motivations for doing that – at this point he’s so far down the path I’m not sure he could handle a realisation that he’s on the wrong side – but I was increasingly irritated that he would cling so those motivations amidst the increasing evidence HE WAS WRONG. Anyhoo…

Ali – I liked him even more in this one. He still continues to wrestle with the unyielding moral parts of himself, but in this book he just seemed much clearer on what he believed and why. And even when he made decisions or behaved rashly, and those things caused big issues, I still felt he did the right thing

Nahri – absolutely loved her. She’s my favourite character in this book, and the way she grows into her strength and power as Banu Nahid is a joy to read. More of Nahri in the next book please!!

Has anyone read Empire of Gold yet?? What did you think?