Omg loved this!!! That is, after I recovered from that ending!! It’s so different from anything I’ve read in a long time. It’s also super gross in parts so be warned. The writing is so entertaining, in large part because the protagonist, Gideon, is such an entertaining character. After a rough start Harrowhark comes into her own too, and she and Gideon are such a fantastic pairing. There are a multitude of side characters, so be warned, it’s initially quite hard to keep track of who is who – but by about halfway through I was starting to get a better idea of who they were, and they’re all really interesting and distinct (I think Sixth House would be my fav apart from Gideon and Harrow)

This isn’t a light read, and can be pretty dark in parts (it’s about necromancers after all), but boy is it a well written and engaging tale. As with keeping track of characters, following what’s going on isn’t always easy (I’m not going to pretend I totally followed everything that was going on with the necromancy stuff), so the recommendation with this one is just to buckle in and enjoy the ride and forget trying to make sense of every little thing. This book is my third ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ read of 2020! Can’t wait to start on Harrow the Ninth

Q: I would love to hear from those who’ve read this – who was your favourite character? Did you also die from that ending?