The tagline on the copy I read notes ‘This exquisitely drawn romance.. will slake the thirst’, which is a bit of a shame, because while there is definitely a romantic subplot, this isn’t a romance book per se. It’s a great YA fantasy read. Katsa is an inspiring female protagonist, a young woman who knows what she wants and isn’t ashamed of it – particularly in not wanting to ‘settle down’ by marrying and having kids. This means there are some great themes in this story about agency and choosing your own path when others try to control you. And even though Katsa is a particularly skilled warrior character, the villain in the story is a great foil for her, which kept the tension going nicely.

The supporting cast is full of interesting, well-defined, characters, from the love interest Po to the young princess Bitterblue, who I particularly liked. If you’re looking for an easy to read YA fantasy adventure, I think you’ll really enjoy this one. ⭐⭐⭐ stars from me

QOTD: who has been your favourite book villain of 2020?