This book broke my brain entirely. Where do I even start with reviewing it???? First off, don’t expect to start reading this and understand ANYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING. That confusion will persist until well over halfway through the book. If you found Gideon mildly confusing, you’ll find this utterly baffling. BUT, I highly recommend you settle in, suspend comprehension, and enjoy the ride… the ending is very much worth it

Second, Harrow is a fantastic character and I adore her, but hers is not an entertaining and laugh out loud perspective to read in the way that Gideon’s was. It’s dark, and heavy, and difficult reading. At least… mostly. I will pause there to avoid spoilers. New characters are introduced in Harrow after (spoiler removed) and they’re all mad, hilarious, dark, and twisted. It’s glorious.

In short, my friends, Muir is a genius writer. While sending you to the heights of ‘wtf is going on’ she will keep you turning page after page after page. If you loved Gideon, I feel safe in saying you’ll love this. If you struggled with Gideon, then maybe this one isn’t for you. I’m giving it four stars, the very slight knock only because it took SO much of a book before things started to make sense