It’s no secret Harry Hartog is one of our fave Canberra bookstores, so imagine how excited we were to learn that they were opening up a new store here!!

Renaissance is the perfect word to descibe the new-look campus at the Australian National University (ANU). At the heart of the university campus, the windblown 1970s amphitheatre ‘Union Court’ has been made over to become a thriving precinct named Kambri – boasting all of the cafes, bars, integrated learning spaces (and more cafes) that a true higher education centre of excellence needs.

Luckier still, contemporary ANU has been graced by a Harry Hartog store!

In line with the Harry Hartog ethos, the ANU store is focused on growing the community around it. In much the same way as Kambri has integrated learning into a lifestyle, HH ANU has integrated campus life into its atmosphere. Quintessential ANU hoodies stand proudly on a rack across from the wide selection of reference and text books – enough to satiate even the most diligent of minds. All of this blends seamlessly with the exceptional suite of reading material that we have come to expect from HH stores. Most notably, the entire upper level provides a broad selection of second hand (‘not second class’) books, reminding the aspiring minds of tomorrow that just because their diet may be a staple of two minute noodles (still a favoured option of some members of the Tate house crew), their literary needs are spoilt for affordable choice.

HH ANU also has all your usual fiction favs (cough Mage Chronicles cough)…… so no matter what your taste in books is, you’ll absolutely find something to love here!

We can’t help but envy those who are close enough to frequent this amazing store and look forward to watching the renewal of energy and engagement on campus that the HH ANU team will bring!

Find out more on Harry Hartog’s Facebook page – HERE

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