Ready yourselves for a post full of insane amounts of excitable and enthusiastic adjectives…. (full disclosure – Harry Hartog Woden might be our favourite)
These days we can carry thousands of books on our kindle/iPad/insertEdevicehere. So a bookstore needs to bring an extra ‘something’ to entice customers to leave the house and peruse the shelves of their heavier less e-friendly versions. Harry Hartogs in Woden does that in spades!!
Where do we start? With Harry’s incredible and frequently changing displays, or their wide range of book and non-book delights? And then there’s the incredibly welcoming atmosphere, no matter what age, shape or size you come in. It’s  impossible for any of us in the Tate House team to make a trip to Woden without popping in for a browse or to pick up the latest copy of uur favorite series (yep, we’re throwing in a shameless plug for the addictive Mage Chronicles series by Tate House’s own Lisa Cassidy!)
The staff at Harry Hartog are an instantly welcoming presence. All who enter are invited to share in the sense of curiosity and excitement that books and storytelling bring. This is no small feat as their customers range from the very small (with their little hands who want to touch everything and are welcomed to do so!) to the other end of the spectrum and their literary escape-seeking counterparts.
Harry Hartog’s experience is clear in their ability to recommend a book for all tastes and their sense of fun is abundant in their book launches and other community events – from murder mystery dinners to author meet and greets. And last but not least, Harry’s is extremely enthusiastic about supporting local authors – they welcomed Lisa with open arms right from her very first book. What more can you ask for from a bookstore?
If you’re in Woden, make sure you leave time to visit Harry Hartog and reignite the magic of escaping into the world of books!
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