I read Crier’s War earlier this year, and as soon as I saw the sequel had been released I picked it up straight away. I really enjoyed the premise of the first book – man-made humans (automas) designed to be smarter and more advanced than humans, who are now ruling the world while humans are pretty much enslaved… at least in the country Ayla and Crier live in. But there are other parts of the world where automas and humans work together, which we see much more of in this sequel.

I enjoyed this just as much as I enjoyed the first – Ayla and Crier remain great characters you really want to root for, and the way they interact once they meet up again in the book made me laugh a lot. The cast of supporting characters – particularly Queen Junn – continue to be well drawn and interesting.

The end finishes a little more neatly than I think is realistic given the deep divides that existed between human and automa, but I love a happy ending so I’m not complaining too much (ssh, don’t tell anyone).

QOTD: Have you read this series yet? Thumbs up or down? Would love to know your thoughts!