It is a genuine pleasure to work here’ are words not always spoken but are a sure sign that you are in more than just an average bookstore.

This is definitely the case for Robinson’s Bookstore, tucked away in the Monaro Mall, Canberra Centre. Stepping into the store from the polished tiles and luminescent lighting of the mall, Robinson’s offers a literary escape, with its dark wood and floor to ceiling bookshelves, reminiscent of a time when books were the single point of truth. All that’s missing are the chesterfields. Instead, the store dismisses the requirement for couches and offers a wide range of book and non-book treasures.

The unobtrusive staff at the store are more than happy to let you browse and take pride in going the extra mile for their customers–their priority always ensuring the right book is taken home and every taste is met.

While the store is part of the broader Robinson’s brand, the Robinson’s Canberra team talked about the efforts of the independently owned Canberra store to integrate into the Canberra community – top of the list being their intention to select a local charity to support to give back to the community. We loved their most recent effort, an Easter Egg colouring competition reminiscent of a previous decade- and the patchwork of coloured eggs proudly on display above the register showed the wonderful potential this store has for becoming a local haunt for those of us seeking the next perfect book.

The store also hosts local author signings showing that–although part of a larger chain–this store is setting its sights on enriching and winning over the Canberra community. With its comforting and friendly atmosphere, Robinson’s offers a warm retreat that we will be taking advantage of this winter.

You can check out all the details on Robinson’s Canberra HERE