Age is not usually something people like to brag about, especially when we talk about our own! In the case of the long-standing independent bookstore, The Lane Bookshop, however, age is one of its many assets and something the team there are proud to discuss. Tucked away in the gorgeous Old Theatre Lane in Claremont, Perth, you enter the store down a flight of stairs into a tantalising space where every available surface is dedicated to tempting you with your next must-have book purchase.

The store has been operating in the same location since 1980 and has a loyal local following who are rewarded by the team who greet their ‘regulars’ by name and excitedly bring out a copy of the ‘perfect book for you!’ that had been carefully held behind the counter. No wonder the store is also responsible for many of the book clubs that have sprung up in the area–a few conveniently held at the Lane Cafe directly across the way (who make a really decent coffee if you need another excuse to be in the area!).

Book club members and visitors from Canberra (like your friendly Tate House rep) alike are treated to the broad suite of carefully selected books. The Bookshop staff are helpful to a fault in critiquing a book against your interests and recommending other titles if the first doesn’t grab you – exactly the magic you expect from a truly independent store where the passion for books and getting the right book for the right person is valued over a quick sale. (if you can’t tell, we totally heart this!)

The store engages closely with local schools and their libraries with loyalty programs in place to ensure the schools and their young minds are rewarded. This is a theme continued in-store with a large kids and young adult section plush with comfortable mini couches that encourage younger book connoisseurs to stop and peruse the wide selection.

It’s hard not to love this store and the positive contribution it makes as a living, breathing part of its community – all that’s left for you to do is to go and check it out. As their website says, ‘browsers are always welcome’ but it’s a challenge we happily failed not to let browsing turn into buying at this little gem.

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