Boobook on Owen is nestled into the main Huskisson thoroughfare, between cafes, ice cream stores and real estate agents where wistful tourists have brunch, indulge their kids (there is a fudge store right nearby) and ponder making a sea change. The beautiful little store, like all independent bookstores, has established itself as a community hub – a point of connection and calm for the locals and a unique escape for the coast-seekers visiting from home. 

We loved the collection of books available across the store – all of which felt like it has been personally selected by someone with a very discerning eye. Perusing the store is nothing short of a perfect bookstore visit with all of the key elements needed distilled into the boutique space. Books from every genre are beautifully displayed, and while you browse you can take in the sounds of locals conversing with the owners in detail about news around town & what new community event they are collectively planning to rally behind. Not only that, but there are quiet spaces to sequester yourself and browse – all while the sun beams in to light up the display cases full of locally made jewelry (seriously people, all your gift shopping available in one gorgeous location!). 

This store, independent in name and nature, has an unreserved bias for Australian authors, supports science week activities at the local Maritime museum, regularly attends and supports the Sea Change festival and contributed funds to the indigenous literacy awards. Boobook have also produced their own book ‘White Sands’ which captures the beauty of the Jervis Bay region so it can be relived on your coffee table – a true sign that the team behind this store love and are loved by its community.

Make sure you add Boobook Books and Jewelry to your schedule for your next coastal escape for some personally curated perfection.

Find out more on Boobook’s website – HERE