This was a lovely read – a beautifully done fairy tale. The story starts off with a ‘girl taken off to the tower by a bad-ish guy’ plot, but gradually expands from there to include a much bigger, wider, world, escalating to battles between kings and wizards.

Agnieszka is a fantastic main character, compassionate and warm, but also tough as nails and with plenty of agency. The Dragon (above mention bad-ish guy) becomes more and more interesting as the book progresses, and I really enjoyed him as a character too. Always anchoring the story is the gorgeous fairy-tale vibe, and Novik does this beautifully. 3 stars from me
QOTD: what is your favourite fairy tale?? I’ve been told Novik’s ‘Spinning Silver’ is even better than this one, so will be adding that to my TBR.