After enjoying Rotherweird so much, I dived straight into this book rather then going to the next book on my tbr, and I didn’t regret it! I loved the return of all my favourite weird and wonderful characters from the first book (Gorhambury remains my number 1 fav!). The threat from Lost Acre deepens throughout this book, with a nemesis even cleverer than Veronal Slickstone reaching out from the past to put multiple dastardly pieces in motion. I am thoroughly disturbed by the mobilisation of the Alchemists, and am waiting to see how they play into things in book 3

As with Rotherweird, while I found the overall mystery interesting (although I admit most of the sciency stuff went right over my head), my main enjoyment in this book came from the random town events (like their version of Halloween). The town election playing out amidst the encroaching danger particularly hooked me in. Overall though, I felt the under-pinning plot was dragged a little out too much with our heroes doing very little to advance anything throughout most of the book… for that reason I’m giving it one less star than Rotherweird. Very keen to go on and read the final book in the series now! ⭐⭐⭐ from me